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Jean Mansfield's Feta recipe she showed on TV ONE

Here is the Feta recipe  Jean Mansfield (known from publications such as the NZ Lifestyle Block magazine (formerly Growing Today)) made live on television on the 20th of November during the Good Morning show on TV One:

Shops who stock some of our products:

You can buy some of our products at the Whangarei Brewers World in 5 Maunu Road Whangarei. Say hello to Mike. They are big into cheese making themselves.

The Kaiwaka Cheese Shop now stocks a range of our cheese making products for the same prices as we sell them. So if you are in the area and want to try some delicious cheese while talking about Cheese with Keith or Maritta, go to the Kaiwaka Cheese Shop. They also stock a huge range of Dutch Deli, German Sausages and wines and spirits. Always worth a visit.


Ever wondered if you can make your own cheese? Ever asked yourself if home cheese making is difficult? Let me ask you one question: "Can you cook?" If you answer this question with "Yes!" there is a very good chance that you can make cheeses, too! And we will make it easy for you. We have everything you need to make cheese at home. Cheese cultures, cheese presses, rennet for making cheese, cheese cloth, thermometers - just about everything! Except the milk and some kitchen equipment!


And even better, we make our own cheese at home. So we know what we are talking about! We use the same products for home cheese making as we offer to you. If we think a cheese making equipment isn't good  enough we won't sell it! End of story! 

We want to be there for you! We will try and answer your questions about making cheese at home. You want to make Gouda, Feta, Stilton or Cheddar at home? We try to find the solution for you! If we don't know the answer we ask our cheese maker friends. And we hope that over time we can build a home cheese maker community.

You are welcome to browse through these pages here. If you like you can sign up and receive our newsletter we send out from time to time. The shop is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Do you need something we don't stock? Is there something we could make better? Or just want to say hello? Give us some feedback and talk to us. We love talking cheese!


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